Birkirkara FC was under the helm of the following Presidents, most of who unfortunately did not have the opportunity to watch their club win any silverware, but still played the important role of keeping the club alive by battling it out against other clubs in the Premier League and inferior divisions.

1949-1950 - 1953-1954Mr. Nicholas Farrugia
1954-1955Mr. John Micalleff
1955-1956 - 1956-1957Mr. Paul Gauci
1957-1958 - 1977-1978Dr. Spiridione Camilleri
1978-1979 - 1979-1980Mr. Tarcisio Attard
1980-1981Mr. Joe Calleja
1981-1982 - 1986-1987Dr. Peter Grech
1987-1988 - 1995-1996Mr. Joe Gauci
1996-1997 - 2008-2009Mr. Victor Zammit
2009-2010 - 2010-2011 Mr. Karm Galea
2011-2012 - 2014-2015Mr. Joseph Zammit
2015-2016 - 2017-2018Dr. Adrian Delia
2017-2018 to PresentMr. Frank Zarb

Season 1996-1997 till Season 2008-2009 - Mr. Victor Zammit

In the 1990's, things started to take a more favourable shape, as Mr. Joe Gauci and his colleagues at the board of directors, were searching for a person who can become the new club President, thanks to which the club can move on to the next stage. The choice fell on Mr. Victor Zammit, who changed the club from a fringe to a team which is able to beat any kind of Maltese opposition. Under the guidance of Mr. Zammit, Birkirkara FC won no less than eitghteen honours, including two Premier League titles, four FA Trophy and five Super Cups

Season 2009-2010 till Season 2010-2011 - Mr. Karm Galea

Following the unexpected departure of Mr. Zammit just before the start of the 2009-2010 season, the committee was in the hunt yet again to find a suitable replacement, who has the ability to repeat the success achieved by his predecessor. After reviewing the options, the club opted to announce Mr.Karm Galea as the new President. In the past, Mr. Galea had both coached and played for Birkirkara FC, but his best success so far was yet to arrive, as in his first year at the helm, the club remarkably won the BOV Premier League title for the third time.

Mr. Galea spent another season as the President of the Club before during the 2011 Annual General Meeting, he announced that he would not seek re-election to the Birkirkara FC committee.

Season 2011-2012 till Season 2014-2015 - Mr. Joseph Zammit

Mr. Joseph Zammit succeeded Mr, Karm Galea following his election to the committee and then being chosen as the Birkirkara F.C. President. In Season 2012-2013, Mr. Zammit won his first BOV Premier League while he won two BOV Super Cup's in the 2013-2014 season and in the 2014-2015 season.

Mr. Zammit brought to an end his helm as the president of the Club at the end of the 2014-2015 season after winning the FA Trophy. This honour meant that Mr. Zammit won all the honours that the Maltese football honours in his four years as the president of the Club

Season 2015-2016 till Season 2017-2018 - Dr. Adrian Delia

Mr Joseph Zammit did not contest the election of Season 2015-2016. Dr Adrian Delia was chosen as the Club's President by the committee on Friday, 29 May 2015.

Dr. Delia resigned his presidency in the start of Season 2017-2018 following his announcement that he will be taking an active role in politics. Undoubedtly, the Club's best moment under the presidency of Dr. Delia was certainly the Club's historic qualification for the third qualifying round in European Competitions in Season 2016-2017.

Season 2017-2018 till present - Mr. Frank Zarb

Mr. Frank Zarb became the Club's thirteenth president in history on Thursday, 29 June 2017. Mr. Zarb was elected for the first time to the Club's committee in May 2015, and he has since occupied the role of Vice-president. Mr Zarb will be the thirteenth president in the Club's history.

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