Pitch Hire

The Birkirkara FC Training Grounds boast of two purpose-built, floodlight-lit football pitches, changing, showering and toilet facilities, together with a bar and restaurant. Free parking is available outside the facility. The Training Grounds are the premier venue for football all year round.

The training grounds have four large 6-a-side synthetic pitches and two small 5-a-side synthetic pitches, although they can be used for 9-a-side games or 7-a-side games respectively. The area measures 94m x 40m for the large pitch and 47m x 33m for the small pitch and are marked out accordingly, with goal posts provided.

Day to Day Hire

Hiring availability is limited due to Academy commitments throughout the football season (September to May), but there are always vacancies during the day up to 16:30, and after 20:00. The facility is available over the weekends as well upon request.

Private Hire

The Academy training grounds can also be hired for private bookings. The Academy can offer packages available for football teams' training sessions and organisations and businesses looking to organise a tournament for a number of teams.

Pitch Hire Rates

9-a-sidePrice on Request

All rates are for 75 minutes (1hr 15mins). If you hire a pitch for ten sessions, you will get the next session for FREE!

For more information and applicable rates for Private Hire, contact the Facility Manager on 79234000 or by sending an e-mail on hireapitch@birkirkarafc.com

Terms and Conditions

The code is designed to maintain the facilities at the Birkirkara FC Training Grounds to a high standard of quality, promote health and safety, stay within the law and ennsure an enjoyable environment for all who use the ground.

Breeches of this code will be treated seriously and persistent failure to observe the code may result in a club or individuals being barred from the ground.


The Birkirkara FC Academy seeks to provide a pleasant and enjoyable environment for its customers whilst preserving good relations with its neighbours.

1.1 Please do not use foul language.

1.2 Drunken or unruly behaviour will not be tolerated.

1.3 Please use the litter bins provided in the Grounds or take your litter home with you.

1.4 Please refrain from spitting anywhere on the premises and refrain from urinating anywhere in the grounds.

1.5 The Birkirkara FC Academy facility manager and his staff are present to ensure the facility runs smoothly for the benefit of all. Any violent or abusive behaviour towards staff will not be tolerated.

1.6 Please be mindful of our neighbours by leaving the premises in a quiet and orderly fashion, refraining from dropping litter and driving safely and considerately.


The Birkirkara FC Academy aims to provide a clean and comfortable premise for players, spectators and other social visitors/customers to relax and enjoy themselves.

2.1 Bladed footwear is not allowed.

2.2 Glass and metal cutlery are not to be taken out of the Restaurant.

2.3 Chewing gum must only be discarded in litter bins. Please do not discard chewing gum on the pitch or floor.

2.4 There is no smoking allowed anywhere in the training grounds or on the pitches.

2.5 Please do not block emergency exits, doorways or corridors.


A safe, secure and clean changing environment is of paramount importance to Birkirkara FC Academy. Changing rooms and shower areas may be shared. Clients are required to cooperate in their use of these facilities, leaving them in a clean and tidy condition out of respect for others.

3.1 Personal possesions are left entierly at the owner's risk. Valuables should not be left in the changing rooms.

3.2 Players may only change in the changing rooms provided.

3.3 In accordance with current child protection legislation, no one under 18 may be in a changing room or shower area being used by adults.

3.4 The players' entrance is via the Restaurant and through the corridor into the changing rooms.

3.5 Glass is banned from the changing rooms and shower area.

3.6 Please ensure that you shut the doors behind you when entering or leaving the changing rooms.

3.7 After your match, please ensure that a member of your team checks that your members have left behind no personal possessions. Please note that lost property is disposed of after two weeks.


The Birkirkara FC Academy aims to provide a high standard of playing surface for football.

4.1 It is the responsibility of authorised Birkirkara FC Academy staff to allocate pitches/playing areas. Report to the facility manager or his staff to confirm your arrival and where you are playing. Any deviation to this pre-planned allocation can only be sanctioned by authorised Birkirkara FC Academy staff.

4.2 Birkirkara FC Academy staff has the final say on the suitability of the playing surface if
inclement weather occurs.

4.3 Do not warm up in the corridor.

4.4 No ball games are to be played in the corridor or in the changing rooms.

4.5 Please ensure that your match starts on time. Failure to do so will result in the length of your match being reduced to allow for the following match scheduled to start on time.

4.6 If using 5-aside goalposts, ensure they are stable and safe. Leave goalposts in the same position. Goalposts can only be moved following approval from the facility manager or his staff.

4.7 Please do not swing on the crossbars or play with the net.

4.8 Return balls and bibs, property of Birkirkara FC Academy back to the facility manager or his staff.

4.9 No glass or metal crockery is allowed on the pitches.

4.10 Please do not drop litter. Either take it home or dispose of it in the bins provided.

4.11 Toilets are provided in the changing rooms. On no account should anyone relieve themselves anywhere else on the ground.

4.12 Please do not climb over fences


Ample car park space is available next to the training grounds .

5.1 Speed limit around the grounds must be observed on all occasions.

5.2 Cars are parked entirely at the owner's risk.

5.3 Please park considerately, do not block others.

5.4 Please observe no parking zones.

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