Olimpia Cluj-Napoca prove too strong for Birkirkara

by Ayrton Galea - 11th August 2012
Birkirkara FC

Centenary Stadium

11/08/2012 - 20:00
Olimpia CFF

Birkirkara were heavily beaten in the first match of the UEFA Women Champions League when earlier this evening they were defeated with a 8-0 score by Olimpia Cluj-Napoca of Romania.

Olimpia Cluj-Napoca showed that they are much stronger than Birkirkara but one must say that the latter paid the maximum price for their mistakes despite showing a great heart and determination.

Birkirkara, who were playing with an unfamiliar blue and yellow stripes shirt had Kirsty Feasey making her debut. Isabelle Mazzitelli was missing for Birkirkara due to not feeling well in the last days.

The First Half

On the fourth minute, Janice Xuereb made a fine outing following a fast run by the Olimpia Cluj-Napoca striker.

A long distance shot for Olimpia on the 5th minute ended totally wide.

Olimpia Cluj Napoca took the lead on the 8th minute when following a cross from the left, Cosminia Dusa anticipated Janice Xuereb and hit home.

On the 12th minute, Olimpia Cluj-Napoca had a fine chance to beat the defence but the striker's lob ended over.

Olimpoia Cluj-Napoca made them two on the 14th minute when Monica Sarghei beat Xuereb with a low powerful shot.

Oiimpia Cluj-Napoca almost made them three on the 16th minute off a powerful header from a close range which was deflected by the defender into a corner kick.

Olimpia Cluj-Napoca made them three on the 20th minute when following another cross from the left, Alexandra Lunca with a close range effort.

Birkirkara did not have a chance to settle down as Olimpia Cluj-Napoca notched the fourth goal just one minute later when Gabriella Voicu beat Janice with a low shot from inside the box.

The referee gave the first water break on the 26th minute with both coaches taking the opportunity to give fresh instructions to their players.

A shot for Olimpia Cluj-Napoca on the 31st minute ended over the bar.

Janice Xuereb made a fine save on the 32nd minute from a one versus one situation.

Janice made a wonderful save on the 37th minute following a long distance powerful shot and turned the ball into a corner.

Olimpia Cluj-Napoca made them five on the 38th minute when Simona Olar beat Janice Xuereb off a cross from the right.

Olimpia Cluj-Napoca were denied from the sixth goal on the 41st minute when off a perfect freekick, their effort was stopped by the crossbar.

The first half ended with Olimpia Cluj-Napoca having a comfortable five goal lead.

The Second Half

In the first action for Olimpia Cluj-Napoca on the 47th minute, a shot from inside the box ended over.

In the first substitution for Olimpia Cluj-Napoca, Andreea Gorduneanu was replaced with Marina Prunean.

Birkirkara had a dangerous direct corner on the 56th minute with the goalkeeper had to save in two attempts.

A weak shot by Olimpia Cluj-Napoca on the 58th minute ended wide.

Olimpia Cluj-Napoca made them six on the hour mark when off a short corner, Stefania Vatafu scored a wonderful goal from the edge of the box which beat goalkeeper Xuereb.

On the 63rd minute, both teams made a substitution. Maryrose Cardona was replaced with Dorcas Debono for Birkirkara, while Maria Gaita replaced goalkeeper Mirela Ganela.

Birkirkara almost scored a consolation goal on the 64th minute when Chantal Fenech tried a long distance lob which ended wide by inches.

In the second substitution for Birkirkara on the 67th minute, Martina Cilia was replaced with Simone Buttigieg.

A long distance shot by Olimpia Cluj-Napoca created no danger for Xuereb as the ball ended wide on the 70th minute.

Janice Xuereb made another wonderful save on the 72nd minute off a direct long distance freekick.

Olimpia Cluj-Napoca hit the seventh goal on the 81st minute when Stefania Vatufu beat Xuereb after the latter failed to catch the ball.

A long distance shot for the visitors on the 87th minute ended over.

Olimpia Cluj-Napoca were awarded a doubtful penalty. Stephania Farrugia seemed to take the ball cleanly, but the referee ordered a penalty. Cosmina Dusa took the shot, Xuereb blocked without saving, and the ball hit the post and went in.

In the third substitution for Birkirkara on the 89th minute, Kelly Agius Pace was replaced with Rosanne Xerri.

The full time whistle found Birkirkara heavily beaten in the first match, but still brimming with determination and optimism for the next matches.

BIRKIRKARA: Janice Xuereb, Maryrose Cardona (63' Dorcas Debono), Yasmeen Vella, Stephania Farrugia, Kirsty Feasey, Rachel Cuschieri, Gabriella Zahra, Martina Cilia (67' Simone Buttigieg), Chantal Fenech, Kim Parnis, Kelly Agius Pace (89' Rosanne Xerri).

OLIMPIA CLUJ-NAPOCA: Mirela Gianela (63' Maria Gata), Andreea Gorduneanu (54' Marina Prunean), Maria Mihaela Ficray, Iona Andrada Bortan, Corina Simona Olar, Adina Sabina Giurgiu, Stefania Lulia Vatafu, Raluca Monica Sarghei, Gabriella Voicu, Alexandra Lunca, Anispara Cosmina Dusa.

Scorers: 8' Cosminia Dusa, 14' Monica Sarghei, 20' Alexandra Lunca, 21' Gabriella Volcu, 38' Simona Giulrgiu, 60' Stefania Vatafu, 81' Stefania Vatafu, 89' Cosmina Dusa (Olimpia Cluj-Napoca).

Yellow Card: Chantal Fenech, Gabriella Zahra (Birkirkara).

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