Depleted Birkirkara lose Tivoli Cup

by Ayrton Galea - 10th August 2012
Birkirkara FC
Tivoli Cup

Victor Tedesco Stadium

10/08/2012 - 19:30
Hamrun Spartans FC

A depleted Birkirkara side was defeated by Hamrun Spartans with a score of 2-1 in the Tivoli Cup, in a match that did not offer much entertainment.

Birkirkara had no less than eight players missing. Reuben Gauci, Ryan Scicluna, Ryan Camenzuli, Rowen Muscat, Gareth Sciberras, Paul Fenech and the latest signing Zach Muscat were missing for Birkirkara due to the Under 21 and Senior National Teams commitments. On the other hand, Hamrun lacked Terence Vella who is part of the Under 21 National Team. Joseph Zerafa was ruled-out injured and substitute Joselito Dos Reis was not in the best condition, since he is still recovering from a light injury cause by a knock in the final of the AME Cup.

The match itself did not reach any particular level except for the three goals scored in the first half. Goal scoring opportunities in the second half were very rare and the match turned into a boring encounter. However it became rather intense in the last minutes with fouls committed by both sides. On a disappointing note, Nikola Vukanac was sent off for Birkirkara.

This was the first defeat after seven games which includes both games against Metalurg Skopje and the five games in the AME Cup.

The First Half

Hamrun Spartans took an early lead after just two minutes. A fast run on the wing followed by a low shot by Nicholai Bozhov was deflected by Nikola Vukanac and the ball went into the net.

A volley by Jhonnattann Benites from a freekick by Jean Pierre Mifsud Triganza ended over, on the 5th minute.

Birkirkara appealed for a penalty on the 7th minute when Jhonnattann Benites was floored inside the area but the referee waved play on.

Birkirkara had a fine opportunity on the 18th minute when following a perfect cross by Patrick Borg, Alejandro Mendoza's header was blocked with difficulty by goalkeeper Andre Cassar.

A volley by Fabian Zammit ended wide on the 21st minute. On the other side of the pitch, a shot for Hamrun ended wide.

Hamrun Spartans made them two on the 23rd minute when following a cross from the left, Terence Scerri hit home from close range.

Shola Shodiya reduced the gap for Birkirkara with a wonderful goal on the 28th minute when from a very tight angle he managed to dribble two players to beat Cassar.

Ini Akpan made an easy save from a weak shot from outside the box on the 32nd minute.

Alejandro Mendoza served Shola Shodiya well on the 35th minute who dribbled two players but his weak shot was saved by Cassar.

A powerful shot by Hamrun on the 36th minute ended over.

Zoran Vuckovic fired a powerful long distance shot on the 43rd minute which was punched away in style by Cassar.

Shola Shodiya made a fine solo opportunity on the 45th minute when he fired a powerful shot which ended over.

The first half ended with Birkirkara in a goal disadvantage in a 2-1 score.

The Second Half

In the half time interval, Michael Camilleri replaced Fabian Zammit.

A freekick by Jhonnattann Benites was deflected into a corner on the 52nd minute. Off the corner, a header by Shola Shodiya was saved by Cassar.

A cross shot by Michael Camilleri on the 54th minute ended over the bar.

In the second substitution for Birkirkara, Aiden Galea replaced Jean Pierre Mifsud Triganza on the 57th minute.

Goalkeeper Ini Akpan saved a shot without difficulty on the 58th minute.

In the first substitution for Hamrun Spartans, Ryan Spiteri replaced Terrence Scerri, on the hour mark.

In the third and fourth substitution for Birkirkara on the 69th minute, Joselito Dos Reis replaced Alejandro Mendoza and David Spiteri replaced Ian Schembri.

Hamrun had a fine chance on the 73rd minute but the player hesitated to finish and his attempt was blocked by a defender and then cleared into safety.

A shot by Aiden Galea on the 78th minute was deflected into a corner kick.

Nikola Vukanac was shown a straight red card for hitting an opponent on the 79th minute.

Ini Akpan made a fine save from a close range effort by Ryan Spiteri on the 81st minute.

Ini Akpan made a fine outing on the 89th minute blocking a close range effort.

A header by Michael Camilleri ended over by inches in the first minute of added time.

Hamrun missed a great chance on the 93rd minute when two against one he sent the ball over.

The full time whistle saw Hamrun Spartans winning the Tivoli Cup with a score of 2-1.

BIRKIRKARA: Ini Akpan, McAllisther Clinch, Aljeandro Mendoza (69' Joselito Dos Reis, Patrick Borg, Nikola Vukanac, Ian Schembri (69' David Spiteri), Zoran Vuckovic, Fabian Zammit (45' Michael Camilleri), Jhonnattann Benites, Shola Shodiya, Jean Pierre Mifsud Triganza (57' Aiden Galea).

HAMRUN SPARTANS: Andrea Cassar, Ivanov Adrian, Yoshev Angel, Roderick Fenech, Massimo Grima, Vitahov Lyubomir, Daniel Zerafa, Brightwell Richard, Gianluca Calabretta, Terrence Scerri, Nikolay Bozhov.

Scorers:: 2' Nicholai Bozhov, 23' Terence Scerri (Hamrun Spartans), 28 Shola Shodiya (Birkirkara).

Red Card: Nikola Vukanac (Birkirkara).

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